Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finally! A clean bill of health!

Just got home from Kaitlyn's doctors appt and she no longer needs to wear her oxygen and her lungs are clear! This is such a releif, I hated seeing my 2 mth baby so sick. Yeah Kaitlyn, way to kick butt!


  1. What a cutie patootie!! A true baby doll!!! Found your blog at Mommy Blogs and sending you a vote!! My little girl had RSV when she was 2 months old......we ended up in the hospital for 4 days....came home with a nebulizer which we used for about a month. Just a heads up but don't freak out.....My doc said that because of the RSV it would make her lungs more susceptible to pneumonia. So if she gets a cold make sure to have the pediatrician listen to her lungs.........mine did get pneumonia 8 months later but we did breathing treatments at home and she recovered just fine. She has not had any problems since and she is now 12! Just something to be aware of............not to worry about!!! Just a bit of mommy advice! She is adorable!!! Enjoy as they grow oh too fast!

  2. Thanks Mama Holli! I have heard the same things about breathing issues later in life along with asthma. I'm prepared for it but I hope we can bypass it all! I couldn't imagine having to take a 2mth old to the hospital! You are super mom! =)